Selena Quintanilla Museum Exhibit Opens to Commemorate Her ‘Enduring Legacy’ — Here’s Where

A new exhibition of the late Queen of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla, has just opened at the El Paso Museum of Art. According to the museum, the exhibit, Siempre Selena/Selena Forever, “commemorates the enduring legacy” of Selena and how she has impacted the “realms of music, fashion and pop culture.”

Siempre Selena/Selena Forever will feature Selena-inspired costumes, memorabilia contributed by the El Paso community, and photographs by John Dyer.

“We have up to 50 artifacts, we have these amazing costumes,” said Edward Hayes, director of the El Paso Museum of Art. “The exhibition is to celebrate Selena through these artifacts.”

Selena has been in the headlines in recent weeks. In January, a rare recording of the Tejano star was unearthed. The tape, which was being sold on eBay, was an unreleased Coca-Cola commercial sung by Selena.

Earlier this month, many Selena fans were upset when a new Oxygen docuseries was released that featured Selena’s killer, Yolanda Saldívar, speaking from prison about the murder nearly 30 years later. Saldívar is up for parole for her crime in March 2025.

Remezcla described the series as “the kind of story true crime thrives on – a story of a woman who took advantage of her victim. And in many ways, that is still what Saldívar is doing, taking advantage of Selena, except now, she’s taking advantage of her memory.”

Selena’s father responded to the docuseries and said, according to TMZ, that “everyone knows there’s zero truth to anything that comes out of [Saldívar’s] mouth.”

The Siempre Selena/Selena Forever exhibit honoring Selena Quintanilla runs through February 2025.