Watch Selena Give the Lesson on Mexican-American Music History We Never Got in School

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It’s not Thursday unless you #tbt, so allow us to take you back to the 90s, when Selena moved in on Bill Nye the Science Guy’s territory. With a “video chalkboard, a great sound system, and a dance floor,” Selena schooled us on the history of Mexican-American music – lessons that many of us never had the chance to learn in school. The video, unearthed recently by Tejano Nation is a must watch.

Ever ahead of the game, she started off her class by stressing that not all Latinos are the same. “Just as all Americans don’t favor the same type of music, all Latinos in the U.S. don’t listen to the same music either,” she said. “And neither do all Mexican-Americans.”

She takes it way back – like to the 1690s – to show how the western part of the United States changed from New Spain to Mexico to the U.S., and eventually, she brought it back to music.

This video is seriously adorable and v. cheesy because it’s the 90s. Other than giving a brief history of Mexican-American music in both California and Texas, she also teaches you to dance. So in sum, this video is A++++.
Check out the two videos below to get the full mini lesson:

A brief history of Mexican-American traditional music by Selena

Posted by Mestizos on Sunday, December 6, 2015

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