¡Ser Naco Es Chido! ¿Or Is It?

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Our friends over at Mun2 have put together an interesting and educational short documentary about two words that get tossed around casually like a worn-out güarache: naco and pocho.

Both words have been used as both slurs and points of pride within the Mexican community. The problem is many who use it aren’t fully aware of what they mean or the history behind the use of these words and how their meanings have evolved over time.

This is where Mun2 steps in with “Naco, Pocho.” The 12-minute documentary features interviews with chamacos from la calle who share their thoughts and experiences with the putdowns/compliments alongside interviews with peeps such as Lalo Alcaraz of pocho.com (an obvious choice), Edoardo Chavarin of NaCo clothing (another obvious choice!), Gustavo Arellano of Ask A Mexican (o sea, Ask A Pocho), Los Tucanes De Tijuana, Jenni Rivera, Gloria Trevi, journalist Daniel Hernandez and many others.

Naturally, hipsters are involved in some manner. Damn hipsters! Shoutout to all the fresas and cremas out there who get a mention! Check out the video plus extended interviews at the site.

Click here to watch the Naco-Pocho documentary in Spanish, and here for English.