Serenata Rap Revival

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Latin Americans have always been suckers for some random bands and musical trends from abroad. And while cheesy British pop groups (Take That and 5ive, anybody?) are a true favorite, it’s the Italians who really managed to win Latin America’s heart… Eros Ramazotti, Zucchero, and Laura Pausini are all Latin American superstars, as was Tiziano Ferro until he dissed Mexican women. But who could forget one of the most pioneering italianos of them all: ….Jovanotti?? You may have forgotten, but you also just might happen to know all the lyrics to “Serenata Rap” by heart, even though you don’t speak Italian.

Well, Jovanotti’s BACK!!!  That’s right, everyone’s favorite ’90s Italian rapper (’cause there were so many of them) has a new album out, and is playing not one, but two shows in New York this week. He’s at the Highline Ballroom tonight, but it’s been sold out for a while already (standing room tix still available at door), so they added a second show at Le Poisson Rouge tomorrow night (dude is huge, we’re telling you!).  And while you may think some things are better left in the past, we think Jovanotti is toooootally worth revisiting the running man–and your college Italian classes–for.

We got an email a little while back from his US publicist, who very kindly jogged our memory and filled us in on what the guy’s been up to over the past few years:

“He had one of the biggest hits of the 90’s on MTV throughout Latin America “Serenata Rap”.  Over the years Jovanotti’s sound has evolved less pop rap and more world music story teller.  Jovanotti continues to collaborate in Spanish language with artists like Jorge [Drexler] and Jarabe de Paolo.  He’s also big into Brazilian influences working with the likes of Carlinhos Brown, Daniela Mercury and Sergio Mendes.”

Yaawn. Bring back the “rap”! Ni modo, regardless of what he’s up to now, you know those tickets sold out ’cause of a certain serenata from way back when, and he’s gotta play it.

Study up NOW with the very fabulous, but by no means ghetto, “Serenata Rap” video below….

(Seriously, what were the ’90s all about?!?!?! And that would be a very slow running man… hmm.)

And while we’re at it, cheesy Mexican pop duo Sin Bandera’s cover of the song is by no means on the same level, but should be listened to. (Sorry, there’s no official video, so enjoy this very youtube, very amateur one!):

Random fact: one of the Sin Bandera dudes is pursuing a solo career, and is performing at SXSW. Here’s to musical reinvention, or something!