SF: 4 Ways to Kickstart Your Day

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Mornings are about more than just waking up – they’re about starting early to make the most of every moment. This summer, the Kickstart Tu Día series is here to help you live your mornings right.

And where better to wake up than this little 7×7 slice of heaven?

1. Get Moving

SFMTA Bikeshare
Downtown and adjacent areas

Bikeshares are sweeping the nation, you hipsters! Now all you need is a helmet to go green like your friends have been telling you to for years. Launching in August, San Francisco’s pilot bikeshare program will offer access to 350 bikes at 35 stations within Downtown and adjacent areas to get you around some of the most picturesque parts of the city! Though not yet available in some of the most bikeable areas (Valencia St. comes to mind) the program is set to expand soon. Once they’ve installed 1000 bikes, the program will extend into surrounding areas. Wanna make sure your area is covered? Get active by helping to make this the most efficient service possible! Participate in the SFMTA Crowdsourcing effort which allows you to pin desired ride stations and comment about where you want to see bike rental service.

2. Get Higher

Twin Peaks
501 Twin Peaks Blvd

No, you won’t find Kyle Machlachlan here. If you’re up early and have had your Kickstart, you’ll want to use that energy wisely, and if you’re of the outdoorsy persuasion a hike here might be for you. If the rush of endorphins isn’t enough of an incentive, the killer views you’ll get from the top of one of these two peaks will make you want to come back every morning.The peaks provide one of the most unobstructed views of San Francisco and the surrounding bay and is home to a diverse variety of endangered species, making them the perfect outing to kickstart your day.

3. Walk The Walk

Mission Mural Walking Tour
Precita Eyes Mural Arts and Visitors Center
2981 24th St

If traversing La Misión along with thousands of others isn’t your style, then this is the perfect time to sign up for Precita Eye’s Mural tour which highlights the culturally historic murals along the Mission Street and 24th Street corridors. This hour and a half tour starts with an informative slide talk covering the history of murals, the contemporary mural movement in San Francisco, and the mural painting process. Then, the guide takes you on a six-block walk through Balmy Alley and along 24th Street, including St. Peter’s Church and the digital murals at Galeria de la Raza!

4. Treat Yourself

Tortas Los Picudos
2969 24th Street

By now you might be getting hungry, so you’ll want to jump into Tortas Los Picudos. Once you’ve completed the list above you’re going to want to stay stay for their mouthwatering grilled-to-order tortas. For breakfast? Why not some jamón, chorizo, huevos, and queso fresco; after all, you’ve earned it. You might want to wash it all down with a special beverage. We have one in mind…

Mountain Dew Kickstart helps you kickstart your day with the energy you need to tackle each moment. How do YOU Kickstart each morning in San Francisco?

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