‘Shang-Chi’s Simu Liu Adopted Dog From Dominican Republic — And The Internet Loves Her

Lead Photo: Photo by Ryan Emberley/Getty Images for Disney
Photo by Ryan Emberley/Getty Images for Disney
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Simu Liu from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings fame has been all over the entertainment world in recent weeks. Stories of everything from his job as a model for stock photography before becoming famous to his doing a backflip on the mound after throwing out the first pitch at a San Francisco Giants game are likely all over your timeline. 

But it’s his tie to the Dominican Republic that has us stalking his social media feed. Chopa, the dog that Liu rescued while in the DR, has finally made himself at home with the newly minted action star. Liu posted an update on the “best decision he ever made,” on his social media feed. 

“Chopa has really settled into her role as the princess of the household. She loves cuddles even more than she did when I first met her in the Dominican Republic, and will not hesitate to bound onto the bed/chair/couch on a moments’ notice so that she can plop down right next to you. She’s endlessly sweet and ever watchful, picking up on my most subtle cues,” he wrote.

The tale of Liu’s newest fur baby is a long and dramatic one. Never mind all the fodder over her name. Chopa in the DR is slang for maid and it’s got people wondering more about how these two came into each other’s lives. 

Chopa first trotted into Liu’s life while he was filming Arthur the King in the Dominican Republic this spring. It was love at first sight. Liu had put down his beloved husky in 2019. Though he knew he would rescue again, he didn’t know when.

But, when the film’s production needed a dog they turned to a local shelter and there was no looking back for Liu. That shelter, Alberguesos Animal Shelter in Santo Domingo, is one of many shelters that take in street dogs. 

Getting Chopa to the United States proved to be a battle that made the new Marvel superhero cringe. In a saga worthy of the big screen, Liu recalls the obstacles the two had to overcome to get his new best friend home. First Chopa was denied boarding in the cabin, then the two got lost in the airport, and a plane change due to non-functioning AC before Chopa was finally on her way to the U.S.

Liu went onto plead with airlines to update policies, especially out of the DR and Central and South America, to help get more dogs out. He goes on to say, “Still, not a single regret. Not ever. I’m so in love with this girl and I can’t wait for her to become the most spoiled little Hollywood princess there ever was.” And she very well could be.

Chopa even has an Instagram page and it’s littered with pics of a princess in the making, doting dad and all. 

Enjoy the spiral. We did.