Sin Nombre

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We gushed about the Sundance award-winning film Sin Nombre a few months ago, and now the film is finally playing in Chicago at Landmark Century Cinema. Written and directed by first-time film maker, Cary Joji Fukunaga , Sin Nombre is in essence an immigration film. However, instead of using the usual U.S-Mexico border as a backdrop, the film concerns itself with Central America, an important way point for many immigrants into Mexico and ultimately, this country.  Be warned, the film takes no shortcuts when making its points on the violent and brutal realities of immigrants crossing multiple-borders crossing journey to their final destination, the  U.S./Mexico line. This film is a must see–and don’t take this endorsement lightly.

The trailer for this dramatic thriller shows images of gang-warfare as well as desperate people trying to have a better life in the U.S. The common thread that connects them is the well-known immigration routes that lead into Mexico. For the immigrants, it is a way out, for the gang members, its a way to make easy money by robbing them. Both groups are marginalized and both groups are seen as faceless. The trailer offers but a glipse of the hour and a half trip this film takes the audience on.

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