El Estaff's Super Sacrificio Sin-sacional

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Well yesterday was the end of carnaval, which makes today the beginning of Lent. Since the Remezcla staff isn’t exactly known for its moral rectitude, we’ve got a lot of sacrificing to do.

40 days without our favorite things? Yeah, we can do that.


[city editor]

I’m going to give up using this picture for online profiles.


[graphic guru]

I might try and give up watching Real Housewives. :/


[graphics intern]

I will give up wishing horrible things happening to others. đŸ™‚

joel moya

[local ad sales and
social media star]

I will give up my cleaning OCD….

Someone please hide the Mistolin, Fabreeze and Lysol off my desk.



[music editor]

Tortilla soup [from Cafe de La Esquina at Wythe Diner]. That’ll be a tough one; I’m sure they must put some sorta drug in there, cause I’m addicted.


[contributing writer]

Telling people I like Rick Santorum just to piss them off.

marĂ­a laboy

[office coordinator]

“When I was a kid I used to give up white rice. I used to love it. It was crazy because then i would be eating red beans on top of lettuce for 40 days. If i had to give up something that i really love/crave and eat consistently nowadays it would have to be meat or cheese. Is that for a write up or did i just give u too much info?”

adriana gallardo

[chicago editor]

I’m giving up “Shit People Say” videos and shit people say in general.


[tech wizard]

I normally give up sugar in my coffee which makes me give up coffee all together; and thus unleashing sleepy Veronica. This year however I’m going to give up candy bars (I am currently chewing on a Twix) so get ready; you’re about to meet irreparably cranky Veronica…you’re welcome.

What are YOU giving up?