Sleep Dealer

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Sweet Jesus, this film has taken at least 12 years to make. Well, Sleep Dealer is out now and has made a big splash at Sundance Film Festival and lauded by critics in The New York Times and Wired. Long story short, director Alex Rivera (Brooklyn represent!) has devised a futuristic version of Mexico, in which the border has been transformed into something approximating the Berlin Wall and the ring around the Green Zone in Iraq. One man is tired of living like a slave and begins his escape from the bonds of technology.

Sleepdealer is out now in NY and LA, so don’t miss it or our interview with the director, Alex Rivera. Now if you’ll excuse us, we will be telling our robot versions of ourselves to clean up until they eventually overcome and control us. Toodles!

Our interview with director Alex Rivera and actress Leonor Varela (remember her in Cleopatra?)

Sleep Dealer Official Trailer