Smart phones go retro with iSupr8 Levi's Film Workshop Edition

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We love the stuff Levi’s has been doing with Super 8 cameras over at the Levi’s Film Workshops, but these days a legitimate Super 8 can be hard to come by (and the film’s even harder!), though the retro-footage feel is certainly worth. If you don’t have access to your very own 1960’s era movie camera, but still want to get that distinctive look and feel right here in the digital age, look out for Levi’s special edition iSupr8 app for the Apple iPhone. Like the Hipstamatic app that allowed iPhone users to take photos reminiscent of those you’d get with an old-fashioned Holga or Diana lomography camera, iSupr8 imitates the grit and grain of a Super 8mm film in digital video.

The special Levi’s edition – which you can download here –  provides:

  • Free Download for 4 Weeks Made Possible By Levi’s®
  • Custom Levi’s Film Workshop Camera Case
  • Levi’s® Custom “Indigo” Lens Filter
  • Levi’s® Branded Pre-Roll and End Slates
  • Ability to share videos instantly to Facebook, Twitter, email, or the site.

And the best part? Until August 23rd Levi’s is offering this app to iPhone users for absolutely free! Head on over to the site and snap up the app before the offer expires. Check out the video below to see the kind of work you’re capable of with iSupr8!