Somehow Everyone at KFC Peru Okayed This Racist Caricature

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KFC Peru managed to insult just about everyone with a cartoon of a black man talking to a piece of fried chicken. The character is wearing rags, missing teeth, and has a bone in his hair. It ends up being such an insulting, racist depiction that I’m not sure how that was okayed by KFC.

Their followers seemed to feel the same, letting the brand have it. The community manager, who has obviously never been on the Internet, decided that the best way to respond was by making light of the situation. Perú reports that the page initially cracked jokes that the cartoon man was a cannibal.

KFC Perú
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KFC Perú removed the post, and didn’t post an apology, which is truly some grade-A level weak shit. As it stands, their last update is about a meal that’s only available for a limited time.

¡Ya se nos vaaaaaa! Pídelo y no lo dejes ir porque solo estará hasta el 7 de setiembre.

Posted by KFC on Monday, August 31, 2015

The Ministerio de Justicia, on the other hand, released a statement: “If we take into account that 48% of Limeños believe that Afroperuvians are the most vulnerable to racial attacks, the representation in this promotional image can be associated to stereotypes and/or prejudices against people of African descent, which helps justify racism and discriminatory practices.”