Top Moments of Somos el Mundo (Video)

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In the new video for “Somos El Mundo,” the Spanish version of “We Are the World,” Latino artists old and new got together raise awareness and funds for Haiti. We haven’t collectively laughed out loud so much in a long time when we watched it. Why? Stars, they’re just like us!

Here are our Top 8 Awfully Good Moments from the video “Somos El Mundo”:

8- Aventura‘s vocalist Anthony Romeo breathing heavily…we can’t help but to expect “Somos El Mundo…So Nasty!”

7- Jon Secada, doesn’t he seem whiter? Maybe he’s using Sammy Sosa‘s cream. Contrast to Willy Chirinos orange tan a few frames later.

6- Vicente Fernandez. Come on Chente, loosen up a little,  you ain’t Placido Domingo!

5- Paquita La Del Barrio finally sings with love and not hate. Weird.

4- When you think of a guitar solo you think of Santana not a pre-pubescent Emily Estefan. Seriously, leave it to the pros.

3-The song goes urban thanks to Pitbull, Daddy Yankee and the “Latino” dude from Black Eyed Peas. Notice how the elderly Angelica Maria and El Puma go into a trance and shake it like they just don’t care. Actor Andy Garcia looks even more confused playing  the bongos midway the reggaeton intervention. “Why am I here again?”

2-Chayanne, this is not the “El Torero” video. Yes we are Latin but we don’t need to shake our stuff every single time!

1-Luis Miguel‘s omniprescence. He wouldn’t go so low as to share a stage with fellow artists, but we can hear him echoing Gloria Estefan in minute 2:43. Probably recorded from his private yacht off the coast of Barbados.

Haiti deserves better!

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