Q&A: (((Sonorama))), Chicago's Retro Lovers

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Zero excuses to miss the retro love DJ duo (((Sonorama))) has ignited in Chicago. Effective immediately, tune in every Wednesday night from 10 p.m. – 12 a.m., when Charly Garcia and Eddy Baca will spin live via the 90.5 FM signal, streaming the party live to wherever you are. They are promising a 100% listener request hotline to guide their new live shows. Feel free to creep outside the Radio Arte studio windows and show them your most refined moves.

Here you have the Spark Notes according to Charly and Eddy to guide your upcoming (((Sonorama))) experience. And download their recent compilation (((Sonorama))) goes digital below for FREE.


What voids does your show fill in the Chicago scene?

We’re one of the only shows dedicated entirely to rare Latin grooves, which helps us give the music a better focus and context that it wouldn’t have if heard amongst a mixed world music show. Another thing that helps us is that we’re a duo that brings our own distinct tastes to the table. One week we can do a show on Mexican surf music, or South American psychedelic rock, or Chicha from Peru. There [are] lots of genres we can explore and dig deeper into.

Best source(s) for your music?

For buying, anywhere from Dusty Groove to Reckless for the latest comps, Swap O Rama, ebay, thrift stores, trips to Mexico, or any old dusty box full of records, plus let’s not forget numerous blogs that always provide new names to dig and seek out.

How do you decide on the themes for your podcast?

We often take turns with each other. Sometimes we’ll be inspired by a batch of new digs or releases, or sometimes we simply scan our collections to find a certain period/genre/artist that we haven’t featured yet and we go from there.

Why do it live every week?

Doing it live is definitely exciting, as it’s more calls for a more fluid and organized show, something we can use, plus it pushes us to do our homework into researching the music as well, which only helps us add some cultural and historical context to the show, something that has been important from the start of our project.

How do you measure a great party by Sonorama?

Dancing of course, the music we like to deejay is both polyrhythmic and groove based, so essentially it’s dance music created for the dance floor, so for us to see a room full of peeps dancing and enjoying the sounds is definitely our measuring stick to a great party.

What late artist do you wish could tune in?

I think we’re both big fans of Perez Prado, especially if we could tune in to his band around the ’70s in Mexico that would be awesome. Just imagine a wall of sound full of blaring horns and percussion, plus add to that the Perez’s great experimentation that he was doing around the time.

Plans for Sonorama?

In the future we’d really love to work on a reissue compilation and even reissue some music by certain choice artists as well, of course on vinyl, but that’s one of our long-term goals. Additionally, we’d love to host some live performances at our DJ events by like-minded artists or invite some guest DJs to join in the party, too.