This Spanish Hairdresser Is Basically the Real-Life Edward Scissorhands

Lead Photo: Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands
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In Spain, hairdresser Alberto Olmedo takes fire and swords to people’s hair and somehow doesn’t fuck it up. In an AJ+ video, Olmedo explains that the reason for his unconventional hair cutting methods is that he wants to get the most even cut. “The only way to do it in an exact mathematical way is to cut both sides simultaneously,” he said. Idk how slicing swords through someone’s hair all willy nilly qualifies as an “exact mathematical way” but ok.

AJ+ compares him to Edward Scissorhands (and disappointingly doesn’t refer to him as a fake-ass Wolverine), but unlike the movie, this makes me super uncomfortable.

Watch the video below and judge his technique for yourself:

Cutting Hair with SwordsDitch the scissors and get your hair cut with swords by the real-life Edward Scissorhands.

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, December 2, 2015