Spotted: Rocker At Costco

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Stars: They’re just like us. That’s right, Kinski, lead singer from Monte Negro, not only shops at Costco with a Remezcla shirt he got from us in L.A., but he’s also wearing a ЯE button we gave him in New York a few weeks ago! He must still be really happy that we waited until 1am on a Tuesday night for Monte Negro to perform at  Brooklyn bar called Trash Bar for a fairly new audience.

And it was well worth it. The quartet has come a long way since we saw them perform at LAMC 07 (and a long trajectory before that). After touring non-stop this year and with their album Cicatrix finally out, Monte Negro’s calls of “Give Me Love” have been answered.

Now, the Monte Negro boys are back home after their latest lengthy tour, and they’re playing at The Roxy on Thursday with Pilar Diaz and Beatmo. It’s an all-ages, all around awesome show, so you know this one is going to be packed.

Alli nos vidrios!