Keep Spring Breakers Out Of Mexico

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The ONN (The Onion’s version of CNN) reports a treaty signed by President Calderon to erect a wall on the border, not to keep the Mexicans out of the America’s kitchens but instead to keep American “Assholes” from border towns in Mexico. Border towns like Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez have long allowed these “assholes” also known as Spring Breakers or “Gringo day tourists” to pillage their town a la Cortez style.

This idea of a response and retaliation to the current dividing wall is almost as exhilarating as the scene in the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow, when the United States froze over and screwed Americans scurried to the Mexican border, the irony is as delectable as the clip below!

After you get over the giggles, this fake video by the always hilarious  The Onion is bringing up the issue of Latin American countries allowing tourism to shape their idiosyncrasies. People should not aspire to be postcards to form a national identity. This is an issue ingrained in Latin ideology in response to the dollar and, more and more, to the Euro. Even Frida Kahlo had to learn the selling power of the occasional exotic flowers, monkey and huipil.

Is anyone up to start a petition?

Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out U.S. Assholes