St. Vincent Spent Her Weekend Waitressing at a Mexican Restaurant in Dallas

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The opportunity to request tortillas made from nixtamalized masa may have been buzz-worthy enough to draw Dallas’ foodie community to the opening Mexican spot Resident Taqueria. But the restaurant also had some extra publicity firepower up its sleeve: a waitress that looked an awful lot like famous singer St. Vincent. That’s because it actually was famous singer St. Vincent.

Over the weekend, St. Vincent was spotted wiping down tables and refilling napkin dispensers at Resident Taqueria, which is reportedly owned by her sister and brother in law, according to USA Today. The taqueria serves food like this:

St. Vincent didn’t share any images of herself at the restaurant (probably because she was too busy waitressing), but she did share an image encouraging people to come out and try it.

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Hello, Dallas!!!! @residenttaqueria

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And, of course, because we live in an Instagram world, someone did post a picture of her at the restaurant. St. Vincent is hard to recognize because her signature curly hair is tied up.

On top of being an ace waitress, St. Vincent dropped by the Webb Gallery, where a drawing from Hector Alonzo Benavides spoke to her. The artist of Mexican descent only painted in red, blue, and white for his last series, something that is reflected in the piece that St. Vincent bought. The Webb Gallery said they were drawn to Alonzo’s work because they “evoked geometry, religion, nature, and his background of Mexican culture.”