Stalk Almodovar and His New Film, Broken Embraces

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A while back, a good friend of mine told me that Pedro Almodovar was coming out with a new film called Broken Embraces (Los abrazos rotos) in the spring of 2009. I’m a dear fan of Almodovar’s films and decided to do some research about his newest œuvre. Not surprised, I found that Penelope Cruz was Almodovar’s chosen leading lady, but nothing more than that was known by most.

It wasn’t until I came across Pedro Almodovar’s blog site that I struck oro puro. It is a blog devoted to his experience on writing and directing Broken Embraces. I’ve found many interesting facts and tidbits not solely about the film, but about his life. For anyone who is an Almodovar fan and who loves to spoil their meals with a little desert, I highly urge you to run to Blog Pedro Almodovar.

And here’s just a spoonful of what he has to say about film, character, and life, taken from his blog,

“When a character has captured our attention and decides to tell us something intimate, something he has never confessed to anyone, there’s nothing better than letting the actor act. There are no digital effects, no frantic editing that can compare to the intensity of an actor’s face. I detest and reject confessions in real life, but I enjoy writing them for my characters and especially directing the actors in that kind of scene. In all my films there is an extreme moment when one of the main characters, or two of them, deliver a confessional monologue. In that sense, ‘Broken Embraces’ won’t be an exception.”