Ten Thousand Crocodiles Could Die From Starvation After Honduran Family Gets Assets Frozen

Lead Photo: Peter Pan
Peter Pan
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What is it with drug barons and exotic pets? In a story that recalls Escobar’s hippo herd at Hacienda Napoles, news broke this week that ~10,000 crocodiles and seven lions owned by a Honduras family have been starving for weeks and are close to dying.  The Rosenthals, one of Honduras richest and most powerful families, own the Cocodrilos Continental crocodile farm where the animals live, and they are currently being investigated by the United States treasury department “for their money laundering and drug trafficking activities.”

After the Rosenthals’ assets were frozen on October 7, there was no money to feed the animals or pay the farm’s employees.

Más de 10.000 cocodrilos se están muriendo de hambre en una granja en el norte de Honduras, después de que Estados Unidos acusara a los dueños de lavado de dinero para el narcotráfico y congelara sus fondos.

Posted by Diario Libre on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A firm from Honduras donated more than 4,000 pounds of cow entrails to feed the animals on Tuesday. Last week, the Forest Conservation Institute donated 3,000 pounds of chicken, but the staff refused to feed the animals because they hadn’t been paid, though the institute is trying to work out a deal with them.

The food won’t last a long time, but for now, the crocs have something to tide them over.