NYC: Three Can't-Miss Latino Art Exhibits This Week

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Image: Alfredo Jaar

Twitter: @LaBarbaraaa

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Midnight Moment: a Logo for America by Alfredo Jaar

Politically-driven Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar has a message for us: The United States of America is not the only region considered “America” even though the U.S. has dominated the designation and turned it into a specific national brand. There are two continents considered the Americas (North and South,) but the U.S. has a monopoly on the name. Jaar’s piece named ‘A Logo for America’ deals with this issue and every midnight in August you can see Jaar’s public installation on 15 signs and 45 screens simultaneously in Times Square. The piece is a neon sign with an outline of the U.S. reading “THIS IS NOT AMERICA.” I know many of us New Yorkers don’t care for the fanny-packed tourist crowds in Times Square, however, we should make an exception because Jaar’s work is pretty dope.

Times Square

Artist Txelo and El Gravat Pop Up Restaurant

Only in Brooklyn would there be such a cool event blending art and culinary delight. A pop up restaurant called El Gravat will be having their dinner party slash art party this Friday August 22nd from 7 to10pm at Court Tree Art Gallery in Carroll Gardens. Barcelona-based artist Txelo will be showing his graphic work while his long time friend and chef Uri Sala will be preparing the foods. You can sign up for the event here! Oh yes, and it’s totally free!

Court Tree Art Gallery 2nd Fl
Brooklyn, NY
El Gravat Pop Up Restaurant

Drawings and Prints at the Met

The Met has a very large permanent collection from which they bring out a few gems every now and again. Well, they currently have an exhibit with a few drawings of prints made by Mexican artists. A large selection of early twentieth century prints inspired by the Revolutionary period in Mexico as well as Jose Guadalupe Posada’s pre-revolution prints will be on view alongside drawings by Picasso and some folks from the Italian Renaissance. Don’t forget the Met is always pay what you wish. Vamos!

Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10028-0198