State of the Art: Your Weekly Guide to NYC's Latino Art

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State of The Art is Remezcla’s weekly guide to Latin art openings in your city each week. Mingle with art admirers, collectors and casual passersby to check out these new works. And don’t forget to grab a free glass of wine…or three.


Citizens of the World: Cuba in Queens

The Queens Museum of Art is reopening with a bang this Saturday November 9th renamed as the Queens Museum (no “of Art” at the end.) There will be an exhibit featuring work from several contemporary Cuban artists, some still living in Cuba and others part of the diaspora. The show will focus on the immigrant experience and the impact of Cuban culture in the super cosmopolitan borough of Queens. Cuban Dancer Magdalena Maria Campos-Pons and composer Neil Leonard will perform Llego FeFa, a dance and cleansing ritual, in the space at 5:30 pm the day of the opening.

Queens Museum
New York Ave, Flushing Meadows Corona Park Queens,
NY 11368

Pedro Reyes: The People’s United Nations

The same day as the inaugural opening of the Queens Museum, a show by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes makes it’s debut. I first came across the work of Pedro Reyes while scrolling through a reddit thread. Reyes was creating musical instruments out of reassembled weapons seized from violent areas in Mexico. Here’s a video on him and that particular project:

[insert-video youtube=YwQp16D-TqQ]

His work at Queens will be in the form of a sculpture exhibition and two-day event November 24th and 25th. He has 5 sculptures in the atrium commenting on themes of peace and dialogue. On November 24th and 25th, he will reimagine the 193 countries represented in the United Nations with people or relatives of those nations in NYC.

Queens Museum
New York Ave, Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Queens, NY 11368

Gabriel Orozco: Thinking in Circles

Internationally regarded artist Gabriel Orozco, known for considering the audience’s gaze and engagement when creating art, is having a solo show at Marian Goodman gallery that opens this Tuesday, November 5th. The show is multi-medium including photography, sculpture, drawings on acetate and canvas, and will center on the use circular motifs throughout his oeuvre. His work The Eye of Go (2005) is used as a jumping off point to discuss his use of the geometrical circle as a conceptual starting point. The opening reception is from 6 to 8pm and will be a fun time. Enjoy!

Marian Goodman Gallery
24 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019