Sudamos y Bailamos

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…. y bebimos, y bebimos, y sudamos mas!

Thank you to all who came to the DJ Wave party on Friday at 205 Club. It was such a blast to go crazy to the beats of our featured DJs: Glori y Hector (D’Marquesina), Geko Jones and Uproot Andy.

Y ni se diga el performance de Plastic Caramelo…so  JJJOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We wanted more! Visuals by Plastic Caramelo and Policia Juan Kamanney, who couldn’t join us because he’s in San Francisco.

Gracias a todos los DJs, a Dulce, Tanya, Mariana, Danny, Sofia, Rosaura, and Andy and the whole 205 crew for making it possible!

Here’s Glori (part of D’Marquesina) with Remezcla’s own Mister Estiletto, Xoxa and Auralis cracking up at it all.

More photos coming soon!