Summa, Summa, Summatime…

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It sucks being an adult and having to pay the bills, but the reality is even harsher during summertime. Long gone are the days of carefree summers spent permanently glued to my bathing suit at the neighbor’s pool or on a Slip ‘N Slide at my best friend’s house.

With the days getting shorter, signaling an end to my favorite season on earth, I thought I’d do a series of recaps on some of my favorite moments of this 29-year-old summer.

Fortunately I have an 18-year-old sister who had to take an extended summer leave because the education system in California is whack and San Francisco State University overbooked its incoming freshman, thereby forcing her to start college in the spring. I’m secretly ecstatic as I was getting depressed anticipating her move at the end of summer.

Anyways, she brings out the kid in me and for fun we take bike rides from our parent’s house in South San Gabriel to Cue Studios, a Japanese photo booth studio located in a San Gabriel Asian strip mall. Our mission: dressing up in funky clothing and taking funny pictures in these cute little booths that look more like mini music video sets. I just pray hipsters don’t find out about this place and turn it into another played-out Cobra Snake.
Cue Studios
250 W Valley Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91776 626-282-6548

P.S. There’s this crazy jam-packed foot and body massage spa located next door where you can get an hour massage for $15. If you don’t mind moaning and groaning in front of a bunch of pretzel-shaped people because the rubdown feels so good, go. You won’t regret it. Ignore the masseuses squatting outside smoking cigarettes. They’re harmless.