Sunsplash's Night Banger, "Fiera de Vinil"

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I’ve been digging “Fiera de Vinil” by Sunsplash a lot lately, but mainly on my headphones and while at the gym in particular. I haven’t been able to mix it during my sets yet and I really can’t wait to do so because I know the crowd’s reaction will be positive. The thing is, I’ve been doing a lot of mellow loungy sets and this is a crazy upbeat peak-of-the-night banger with a contagious funky groove that can easily be blended in between electro-house and baile funk. Before discovering Sunsplash’s debut single, I had no idea who these people where but I was intrigued. I did some research and  became an instant fan. Now I’m eagerly expecting more of this amazingly original dance music.

Sunsplash – Fiera de vinil. from Alberto Stangarone on Vimeo.

Apparently Sunsplash is a boy and a girl – Venezuelan and Brazilian, respectively (and yes, they sing partly in Español and partly in Portugese, or “portuñol“). If you are into Venezuelan underground electronic music, which I’m not, you might know the boy, Alberto Stangarone, from a previous project called Todosantos. The girl is named Clarissa Steed, but she goes by the alter-ego of Supervixen. Now, two of my favorite things in the world are Brazilian women and ’70s sexploitation movies, so I really hope her name is a reference to Russ Meyer’s best movie. She’d automatically climb positions in my constantly evolving indie-diva crush rotation, and begin competing with Bomba Estéreo’s Li Saumet.

Of all places, Alberto and Clarissa met in New York (of course), where this current project was born. They signed with the local label DJ’s Are Not Rock Stars and released this first single with a couple of remixes. My favorite has to be the one with all those samba whistles by Mexican DJ Spin Laden – it goes great with last year’s hit “Afro Nuts” by Yolanda Be Cool. Beleza!