This Taco Al Pas-Thor Is the Punniest Halloween Costume Yet

Lead Photo: Photo by arturogi / E+
Photo by arturogi / E+
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Halloween is a time for creativity. While a store-bought costume will serve you well in October, there’s just something about homemade and semi-homemade costumes.

Take a taco costume. Seeing someone dressed up as a taco will likely bring a smile to others’ face, but add in a little flair – in the case of one person, a Mjölnir-like hammer – and you have come up with the very punny Taco al Pas-Thor look.

In a short video shared on Twitter, user @masomenosmar is dressed as a taco and stretches out his arm to summon a hammer. Someone off camera throws it in his direction, allowing him to raise Mjölnir victoriously, much like what you’d expect from a real-life Taco al Pas-Thor.