Taiwanese Animators Created the Most Absurd Rendering of El Chapo’s Escape Yet

You may remember Taiwanese news company Next Media Animation from back in 2009, when they went viral after animating the news of Tiger Woods’ 2009 car crash. Fast forward six years, and they’re now cranking out their hilarious, over the top renditions of current events at a faster clip than ever ( NPR calls them “a news animation studio on steroids, producing 50 to 60 original, animated 3-D news re-enactments every 24 hours.”). So obviously, when news of El Chapo’s escape broke they were all over it, providing what may just be the best reconstruction of his escape yet. Their video, which features the drug lord as a pocket-sized criminal who eats Doritos Locos tacos and snorts mounds of coke, could either be read as borderline offensive, or alternately, as a commentary on the absurdist, depressing comedy of errors that this escape and the subsequent government response has triggered.

We’ll say no more, you just need to watch it.