This California Company Is Selling the Tamal Blunts You Never Knew You Needed

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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As the pothead proverb goes: If you try hard enough, you can smoke weed out of it. Stoners – in their infinite creativity – have created bongs and wrapping paper out of several vessels. So when we saw that the crew over at Tamales de Cana hand rolled blunts wrapped in all-natural corn husks, we were simultaneously not surprised and impressed.

Cannabis flower is rolled in a corn husk and covered in wax and keif. The products are then packaged in Toblerone-shaped boxes, and according to a comment on its Instagram page, they burn slowly. “With our tamales all you taste is the flavors you put in it,” a rep for company told a commenter back in April 2016. “You can smell the corn husk burning at times. It is a great, slow, clean burning wrap. @trasrollingco is our wrap provider.”

As the California-based Tamales de Cana points out, it’s not the first to come up with the tamal blunts. A 2015 The Smokers Club article praises T. Ras Rolling Wraps for being “clearly a healthier alternative to Dutches or Swishers.” Also, in a 2007 forum, a doctor G gave a breakdown of how to roll a blunt in corn husk, something the person learned in the Caribbean in the early 80s. Learn more here.

Or check out Tamales de Cana on Instagram to see more of their tamales.