This Mexico-Based Restaurant’s “Máximo Glotón” Challenge Dares You to Eat 65 Tacos In Under 1 Hour

Lead Photo: Photo by Jacopo Ventura/ iStock/Getty Images Plus
Photo by Jacopo Ventura/ iStock/Getty Images Plus
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Just as the internet has given rise to novelty foods, it’s also helped popularize extreme food challenges. In Mexico, one restaurant is inviting guests to eat wild amounts of tacos in less than an hour. Taquería César Palace, an Ecatepec eatery that has been around for 13 years, starting offering challenges for the last two years.

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Posted by Taqueria Cesar Palace on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

There are a few options to choose from. “The basic challenge consists of finishing 50 taco +1 and two drinks in less than an hour,” one of the taquería’s employees told Vice. “With that, you will not only not pay for the tacos you ate, but on top of that, we will give you $31. But you can also take on the Máximo Glotón challenge, which is breaking the existing record set by one of our clients. He consumed 64 tacos, 4 drinks, and a dessert in 44 minutes. If someone succeeds eating this many tacos + 1 in an hour, the winner is awarded a prize of $106 and a taco trophy. But if they finish before the 44 minutes, which is how long it took [the record holder], then the prize is $132, the taco trophy, and we will crown them the new Máximo Glotón.”

A Vice writer tried to take on the challenge, choosing the more humble 50-taco challenge. And it didn’t go well. Read the story here, and let us know if you’d succeed at any of these challenges.