Tarot Card Temptation

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Part One of a Series….

So I read tarot cards for fun, well sometimes for money, and lately they’ve been on point, which even scares me sometimes. I read my homegirl’s cards at a block party on 4th of July and they told her exactly what she needed to hear: Stop cheating on your husband and avoid evil temptation by any means necessary! Karma’s a biatch, I stressed, even when you are unhappy with the one you married.

So anyways, there’s this botanica by my job and I’ve been tempted ever since I saw the old-school neon tarot card reading sign on their window to get my cards read. I mean, I’d read them myself, but for a more accurate reading, it’s always best for someone else to. Is this something you do on your lunch break? I asked myself. It sure beats eating a homemade lunch inside Burger King for lack of a park ’round these mean streets. So I walked the mile and a half to the botanica on a desert hot Thursday.

Inside, two old ladies sat eating lunch and watching novellas, reminding me that I need to go visit my grandma asap. I wandered inside their vacant shop a little annoyed by the barking dog that sat by the TV. I asked how much tarot card readings were and one of them said $40. I settled for a Virgen de Guadalupe bracelet and a "Make Your Man Marry You" oil. (Just kidding, Rolando). One of their sons, who sported a gangsta style "LA" tattoo walked inside and rang me up. "Be nice to the young woman," he told the dog. I smiled and left, still wanting that tarot card reading.

What are your thoughts on tarot?