Taste Time

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The Taste of Chicago equals summer in Chicago. Food is how we communicate to the rest of the world what a tight city we are! Here are some CHIRemezcla recommendations for your Latino taste buds at this year’s fest. This year’s fest is trying to be budget friendly (which means even smaller portions) and offering some interesting fusions like Indian-Latin dishes.

Interesting new dishes:

Try something new, with an Indian-Latin twist from Vermillion that houses fusion items, such as Chimichurri Masala Chicken Wings and Char Grilled Chicken Kabob with Mango-Mint Chutney.

If you are craving some Mexican food then stop by Adobo Grill for their Cochinita Pibil ( pork) tacos or gorditas from Los Dos Laredos (Little Village in the house!)

The Classics:

El jibarito from Sabor Latino

Empanadas from Colombian restaurant, Las Tablas.

You can never get enough tacos or enchiladas from La Justicia.

Don’t forget the fireworks on Friday and ongoing music stage concerts.

Full List of Food Vendors