This Teen Has Gone Viral for Her Sweet Video Surprising Her Dad Before Prom

Lead Photo: Photo by Jenna Ebert Photography / Moment
Photo by Jenna Ebert Photography / Moment
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Prom is a memorable moment – not only for the teens who partake in the rite of passage but also for their parents. On Saturday, April 28 – on 18-year-old Vanessa Macedo’s prom night – she knew her dad wouldn’t be able to see her in her beautiful and colorful prom dress. “I pretty much already knew [he wouldn’t see me] because of [my parents] just starting their business and weekends are the busiest,” she tells Remezcla. “My little sister was actually the one that was texting me and calling me about him wanting to see him. I just told her that before my pictures, I’d go surprise him.”

The teen then headed to Leggett Street and Dave Avenue in Porterville, California – where her mom’s business, Frutas Jalisco, is set up – and opened the door of the truck. Her surprised dad begins smiling and walks toward her and gives her a hug and a kiss. “He wasn’t expecting me to take time out of my day to see him and take a picture with him,” she added. “He was so happy after; it was great.”

She shared the sweet moment on social media on April 29, and it quickly went viral. On Monday, when she received a lot of media and Twitter attention, her mom’s business was closed. But she’s hopes the video will help attract new customers.