The world stopped for an hour and 36 minutes on Wednesday evening when Latinos of all ages sat down to take in the glory of Walter Mercado through their screens once more. Mercado, the television astrologer and personality for the ages, was crystallized shortly before his death in 2019 and shared with the world through “Mucho Mucho Amor” on Netflix.

Film and television critics have raved about the documentary since it premiered at Sundance and now we all get to bask in the light of his star as well.

Recent interviews with the filmmakers—Cristina Costantini, Kareen Tabsch, Alex Fumero—have revealed a few other gems, as well, from their many hours spent together working on the documentary.  

It’s evident a scripted biopic can and should follow. They asked Mercado who he wanted to play him, per Variety. “I suggested Gael García Bernal,” Costantini said. Mercado said he’s too old, and suggested *checks notes* Timothée Chalamet instead.

“This would be a good opportunity for him,” Mercado reportedly said. His choice, though odd given Chalamet’s background and their little to no resemblance, is less surprising in the context of Mercado’s priorities. “There might be some representation issues,” Fumero said, “but Walter will always choose youth and beauty over anything else, including Latino representation.”

I never thought I’d have to put Chalamet and Mercado in the same sentence but here we are. No matter your stance, should Chalamet be willing, it seems only right to give the icon what he wants. But, tell me how you really feel.

Timothée Chalamet as Walter Mercado