Wilmer Valderrama Brings Back Fez in Trailer for ‘That ‘90s Show’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Courtesy of Netflix.
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The official trailer for Netflix’s That ‘90s Show is here, hitting all the nostalgic marks. Of course, a new cast of teenagers is ready to get in trouble and weasel their way out. Yet, in the first trailer of the highly-anticipated reboot, the original cast (minus Danny Masterson who portrayed Steven Hyde) make their own appearance back in that basement we have all come to love.

The show takes place in 1995 with Leia Forman, the daughter of Donna and Eric, staying with her grandparents, Red and Kitty, for the summer in Wisconsin. The trailer promises another generation of teenage antics as Leia finds herself in a new group of friends who help her make the most of her summer in the basement.

The trailer shows us the iconic round table camera shot after the friends find a bag of pot in a box full of old records. It just goes to show that some things never change and, quite frankly, never need to change.

As for the original cast, they make their appearances, and no one is more exciting to experience than the one and only Fez portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama. The foreign exchange student turned dreamboat is the proud owner of a chain of hair salons called Chez Fez (and you pronounce the ‘z’ in Chez, of course!)

Earlier this year, Valderrama teased his participation in the upcoming sequel to That ‘70s Show and hinted that he might have forgotten the accent. The trailer will put your mind at ease as Fez is back in his full glory as he gets ready to give Kitty her signature hairdo.

That ‘90s Show is set to premiere on Netflix on January 19th, and we can’t wait to witness the magic for the first season.