The Global Bassment Mix: Global Bass DJs Pick the Tracks That Most Inspire Them

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Los Angeles monthly party Subsuelo has long been a Remezcla favorite, for championing the emerging global bass movement and never failing to get the dance floor live. This Friday, the party is gathering a Global Bass symposium of sorts: heavy-hitting global bass crews from all over the country – Texas to NYC to LA to San Francisco – will come together for a big ol’ rib cage-rattling dance party. We’re giving away tickets to the celebration here, but in the meantime you can get pumped up with this playlist, put together by Subsuelo resident DJ Gozar. Each track was handpicked by a participating DJ, with an explanation for what it represents to them in the context of the Global Bass movement. Check it out below, and don’t forget to join the conversation on Twitter, with hashtag #GlobalBassment!

DJ: Brookyn Shanti
Song: Sina Makossa Remix  – Uproot Andy and Chief Boima

The song that I’m bumping hard, as summer is about to hit us, is the Sina Makossa Remix by two of my favorite producers, Uproot Andy and Chief Boima. I’ve been in a really happy and celebratory mood as of late, and I’ve been using this in my live and DJ sets in the form of an edit that I can rhyme over. It *never* and I mean NEVER fails to get the entire crowd motivated to have an amazing night! How can you possibly not be happy when this song comes on??!!

DJ: Thornato
Song: Ê Boi (Maga Bo Remix) – Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde

One the dopest global bass tracks for us has been Maga Bo’s remix from Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde -e boi. The style of music originates in the north east of Brazil and is a style of samba known as coco. Heavy on percussion, groove and call and response with an added touch by the one and only Maga is always a dance floor banger and is indeed a classic in the global bass scene.

DJ: Oz + Pleasuremaker
Song: Dub for Mali – Afrolicious

The Afrolicious track ‘Dub for Mali’ is a collaboration between SF’s Afrolicious crew and Burkina Faso’s Yacouba Diara, whose beautiful voice and ngoni playing are mellower than most Global Bass anthems, but make it a unique entry in the genre and connect it straight to the roots of Africa via the production of Jamaican Dub and U.S. blues.

DJ: Gozar
Song: La Peluca – Pedro Ramaya Beltran

One of those songs that really transports you elsewhere. Namely Colombia. Such a beautiful original, and just enough thump on top. Tasteful and classic magical edit.

DJ: Canyon Cody
Song: Petrona Martinez – Sepiterna (thornato rmx)

I think these are the bangiest drums in the history of global bass. A lot of global bass, especially remixes of traditional songs, are made from shitty mp3s layered over with electronic drums by someone who isnt really an engineer, and so they dont know how to make the drums actually knock. I’ve heard this played on huge speakers, and Thornato’s drums just sound enormous. Of course the beautiful Petrona Martinez sample helps a lot, the call and response is great for the dancefloor. But when those drums come back at 1:33, ain’t nothing better.

DJ: Gnotes
Song: Brooklyn Shanti – Rani Rani (produced by Thornato)

I remember when i first heard Rani Rani by Brooklyn Shanti and Thornato, then I remember playing it back again and again. The song just makes me happy. Shanti’s voice sounds great, I had never heard him sing in Bengali before.Thor’s afro-carribean riddim and tasteful guitar licks are the perfect platform, and the production quality on the track is outstanding. Its a catchy tune, and a great collaboration.

DJ: 2melo
Song: Boriqueneando (Orion Edit)

For me one of the Classics up in this thing we call global bass is the remix album called carajo Colombia from orion of the peligrosa camp.old Skool Colombia tracks remixed with Baltimore bass def turned these classics into dance floor fire.

DJ: Atropolis
Song: eso cumbia loca- sabo and cassady

A few years ago when I really started getting into Cumbia I remember discovering this remix. The entire EP for me was a great blend of classics and electronic influences. Definitely an anthem in my playlists for a minute.

DJ: Ethos
Song: Por Tu Amor / La Guarapera [Gnotes & Dj Ethos Mashup]

The mending of organic sounds with the technical precision of beat making can be flipped in many different ways. Once in a while a song composed in the same era in which these same machines create can bring about a whole different feel and energy. In this case we have Buyepongo’s “Por Tu Amor” break juggled with the classic “la gurapera” coming to life in a whole new way. This is a perfect example of making new and old a timeless piece where culture becomes electrified and transformed into Global Bass. In this case Cumbias from Buye, turntableism from Ethos and engineering from Gnotes are the ingredients for a tasty treat.

(Photo by Farah Sosa)