The Mexican Government Is Sanctioning Miley Cyrus For Getting Spanked on Stage With a Mexican Flag

Latin America’s beef with Miley Cyrus is on and poppin’.

Last month, we reported that she’d been banned from performing in the Dominican Republic, a nation that was having none of her “perverse” antics. This month, she was permitted to perform in Monterrey, Mexico, but los mexas are clearly regretting that decision after one of her dancers used a Mexican flag to repeatedly spank her on stage while she was bent over at the waist wearing a giant fake booty. Not only did she basically treat the flag like her twerk toilet paper, she did it on Sept 16th — Mexican Independence Day.

Big mistake, Miley. Big mistake.

Mexicans do not play when it comes to their flag. In fact, the Ley sobre el Escudo, la Bandera y el Himno Nacionales strictly dictates acceptable usage of national symbols like the flag, and Miley’s irreverent display could now subject her to a big fine or up to 36 hours of jail time. As of last night, La Secretaría de Gobernación has initiated the administrative processes necessary to sanction her, but we doubt that will slow her roll because Miley will not stop until she’s offended everyone with eyes and ears.

Watch a video of the spanking incident — or as one website eloquently put it, el “golpeo de glúteos” —  above.