The 2012 Remezcla Awards

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Here at Remezcla we think it’s important to honor those who have made truly outstanding contributions to the culture. That is why we have created the Remezcla Awards – a prize to highlight Latino Excellence. Latinobility, if you will. These awards represent the result of a complex nomination and voting process, with external vetting from tastemakers in the Latin Alternative scene. JK, it’s just some we liked and we think you’ll like it too. Check back for updates, we’ll be handing out new awards through the end of the year!

Remezcla Award for Best Concert of The Year:

Maná. Because who doesn’t want to hear the same nine words sung over and over for two hours straight: amor, corazón, perdón, cielo, luz, mariposa, esperanza, lluvia, mar…

Related: Remezcla Award for best concert review goes to Joel Moya for his review of the Maná show lulz.

Remezcla Award for Best Eyebrows

DJ Orión. No contest.

Remezcla Award for Best Cover Song of the Year

Los Master Plus’ “Mami” – a cumbia cover of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”

Runner up:

DMK, a Colombian dad and his kids who do Depeche Mode covers.  Our article about them here.

Second Runner up:

Chingo Bling for his cover of Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance” (Banda Makes her Dance)

Remezcla Award for Best Quinceañera of the Year

[insert-video youtube=c2ByEeR9Jbg]

In this video, Colibritany is in a hot tub with two boys, after just declaring a six-pack requirement for all of her chambelanes. GET IT GURL. I am 100% confident in stating that no one had a better quinceañera in 2012 than she did. Check out our recap of the video here.

Remezcla Award for Best Instagram Star of the Year

4-year old Alonso Mateo. Read our article about him here.

Remezcla Award for Best Plastic Surgery of the Year

The Mexican Vampire Woman. (Read about her and other Terrifying Latinos here.)

Remezcla Award for Best Mythical Creature

El Chupacabras. Always the chupacabras.

Check back for more! We’ll be handing out new awards through the end of the year!