The War Between Uber and Taxi Drivers in Dominican Republic is On

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A month ago, Flama imagined what Uber would be like if Dominicans created it. (Basically, a chaotic ride with abuelitas, hookahs and a lot of unnecessary add-ons). But IRL, taxi drivers in the DR feel Uber has been encroaching on their territory, and they are not having it.

Last week Antonio Marte, the president of the Confederación Nacional de Transporte (Conatra), threatened to protest if Uber continued to operate in the DR. On Twitter, Marte explained that Uber will bring problems. “If Uber has already been thrown out of other countries, why are they coming to the DR to fastidiar this region, which is already organized? People will see that what I’m saying is real, these Uber cars will attract more robbery and crime in the country,” Marte said.

The owner of Dominican taxi fleet Tuv Sud Taxi complained that all of his employees are screened and uniformed, implying that Uber doesn’t have the same screening system in place, and that anyone with a car can get hired by the company.

The conflicts between Uber and local taxi industries – who often pay taxes and license fees in order to be able to operate– is not new; in Colombia and Mexico drivers have also been protesting Uber’s arrival, according to Acento.