The Xoxa Awards 2011

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The Latin Grammy Award nominations have been announced, so we at Remezcla – not to be outdone – have decided to offer our own awards in the wake of our massive Summer concert Series, The Spot. We’ve named them after our very own, New York Times endorsed quasi-mascot and Mexican doll/cake topper, Xoxa.

Best Drink at The Spot:


That one was easy.

Best Pants-Off Dance-Off:

Clarisa from Sunsplash

Right in the middle of Zuzuka Poderosa’s bangin’ performance, a member of the crowd – none other than a member of Sunsplash – hopped up on stage to dance. Eventually, the booty-popping blonde kicked off her jean short-shorts and danced in just her top and a black pair of undies – and teased at removing those, too – to the hoots and cheers of our pervy crowd. (We wouldn’t have them any other way!)

Most Packed House:

Tego Calderon

No surprise, there. We won’t get into specifics – who needs math? – but the Tego show was stuffed to the gills, and the appreciative crowd loved every second of it…bathroom lines aside. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you’ve never heard reggaeton until you’ve heard it with a live band.)

Most Impressive Post-The Spot Surge:

La Vida Bohème

When we saw this pack of paint-splashed Venezuelan dance-rockers at LAMC, we knew we had to have them. They’re well-known in their native land, but here in the States we knew diddly squat. Nice guys that they are – we’re not kidding: they’re really chill dudes – La Vida Bohème were happy to oblige, and they played for us one sunny Saturday afternoon at The Spot Lounge. Now, as of the other day La Vida Bohème have been nominated for two whole shiny 2011 Latin Grammys, in the categories Mejor Álbum de Rock Vocal (Dúo o Grupo) for Nuestra and Mejor Canción de Rock for their ass-kicking party anthem Radio Capital. We don’t want to take credit, but…

Runner Up: Carla Morrison had greater recognition here in the states than LVB pre-The Spot (she’s a California native, after all) but congrats nonetheless for the Mejor Album Alternativa nom.

Best Skinny Pants:

Diego Garcia

Admittedly, given our demographic, this was a difficult category. I mean, there are just so many dudes wearing skinny pants at any given Remezcla event, probably with a pair of Chucks or TOMS. Still, if it weren’t for that strategically placed guitar during his soulful set, we think we’d have a much better idea what his album’s eponymous Laura was missing out on.

Best Hair:

Rey Pila

This almost went to Diego Garcia, too, but we decided to go with Rey because there’s just more of it, and it bounces around so appealingly when he’s rocking-the-fuck-out.

Best Decor:


The D’Marquesina summer party brought to La Isla del Encanto with beach balls and inflatable palm trees. An Iris Chacon impersonator helped, but we’re not sure that counts as “decor.”

Best Last Minute Addition to the Roster:



Best Duet:

Vico C + La Mala

It doesn’t get much better than having a First on your stage, and though Vico C and Mala Rodriguez released Vámonos Po’ Encima years ago, they’d never performed it live together before. See? The Spot brings people together.

Runner Up: Patafunk brought their buddies Ferrari Snowday on stage for the song NegraChinaLatina, an ode to the sexiness borne of free, cross-cultural love.

Best Use of Technology:

The Twitter Wall

A live projection of Tweets about #TheSpot by #Heineken, or that referenced @REMEZCLA. A melding of social media and social…socializing that had us laughing and partying letting the whole internet know what was up.

What categories would YOU have awards for, and who would win?