The1matrix hits the Dominican Republic

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Andre the Giant has a beer company? Advertising company BBDO’s Dominican branch recently launched a new Dominican beer brand by disguising it as a homegrown, underground youth culture movement.

(Bear with me, because this gets really confusing and wacky… )

The ad execs paid kids to blitz the D.R. with wheatpasted posters, zine-style stickers, mash-up videos and other media tools typically used by subversive youth subcultures—calling the whole thing "the1movement".

Sample messages from their propaganda, including phony graf-style images that their "guerilla" street team slapped on top of regular billboards: "The one is a secret society that operates from the underground," "Silence is the worst kind of noise," and "Change is in the hands of the collective power of individuals." On top of that, they had the nerve to create a logo closely resembling the old-school Anarchy "A".

In a nutshell…6,000 people signed up to be active members of this "movement," which in the end turned out to be just a big ad campaign for beer.

The funny thing is, most of the propaganda was exclusively in English…Guess those BBDO dudes weren’t quite as clever as they thought. Felicidades to our monolingual panas in the DR who managed to miss this garbage.

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Bugged out, no?