This Angry White Bro is Brooklyn’s Christopher Columbus

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Whatever this one dude was mad at was nothing compared to all the crazy stuff that immediately came out of his mouth. While he was out on a jog, he was bumped by a stroller, so he decided the most logical reaction was to threaten a man in khaki pants. And that’s low on the batshit crazy scale things he said.

He went on to berate the couple, making sure to let them know that khaki pants is only living in that neighborhood because of him. “The only reason white people like you are living in this neighborhood is because I settled this fucking neighborhood for you,” he said. (Uh….) Then, he told them that they needed to be aware of their white privilege, obviously oblivious to what that actually means.

The entire time, there was a black police officer who kept things from escalating. We can only assume this was his reaction: