This Campaign Wants You To Help Send Donald Trump a la “Berga”

Lead Photo: Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore
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Ever wanted to tell Donald Trump que se vaya a la verga? A new fundraising campaign will let you get as close as you possibly can. A Burbank, Illinois, group started a Fundly page to buy a one-way, first-class ticket for Trump to Berga, Spain. “We are a group of Latinos who work in advertising for the Hispanic market in the U.S. Well, according to Mr. Trump, for rapists and criminals,” the description said, alluding to his campaign announcement speech, where he insulted all of Mexico and the Latino community.

The first thing I wondered was: What’s going to happen to the money? Because there’s no way Trump will take this deal. But the Trump a la Berga committee has everything figured out. The money they raise will be donated to, an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of immigrants. So at least someone may benefit from Trump’s vile comments, because it sure isn’t helping him.

Donate to the campaign here, and watch a highlight of the worst of Trump below.