This Colombian Institute is Fixing Misspelled Tattoos Because Spelling is Hard

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Though my mom would disagree, Spanish is hard. There’s the silent H, and the Bs and Vs that sound very similar. All I’m saying is I can’t judge people for being bad spellers, though I would expect them to do their research before they got a tattoo. But for those who didn’t, there’s still hope.

People in Colombia with spelling errors permanently inked on their skin – like the OG of misspelled tattoos, Britney Spears – can get help from the Instituto Caro y Cuervo. A recently launched campaign asks Colombians to send their badly spelled tattoos to the institute for a chance to get them corrected for free. “We’ve seen a lot of people with really bad mistakes in their tattoos,” said Maria Paula Alzate, of the institute which promotes the study of linguistics. “For some people it turns out to be the worst mistake of their lives because you have to live with it every day.”

If Twitter activity is any indication, then people may not be too interested in this campaign. (Or maybe they don’t know they have errors). There haven’t been a lot of photos uploaded or people talking about it on the social media network. Whoever is chosen will get their tattoo fixed at a September festival by a tattoo artist.

Check out some of the few tattoos that have been added below: