This Costa Rican Doctor Is Melting Hearts by Singing “Las mañanitas” To Newborn Babies

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Many Latinos and Latin Americans have been serenaded with “Las mañanitas” during their birthday, but probably not as they were being brought into this world. A Costa Rican doctor is making sure the first things his infant patients hear is the traditional b-day song.

Dr. Roberto Brenes – an experienced OBGYN in Heredia, Costa Rica – has started to build a reputation for his singing skills. “Singing is one of the most beautiful things I know,” he told Noticias Repretel. The doctor has sang to his patients since he began practicing medicine and said he loves serenading babies right when they are born. “I like receiving them joyfully and making it a beautiful moment for moms,” he added.

Brenes, who doesn’t consider himself a professional singer, has actually taken singing lessons for 20 years. He’s also used his vocal talent to cheer patients in the Hospital de San Vicente de Paúl in Heredia, where he constantly sings to the elderly, children, and new moms. Many patients adorably join him in the jam session, as well.

The doctor’s talent just recently went noticed by the public. This week, cameras captured the birth of the 5 millionth Costa Rican, and Brenes proceeded to sing “Las mañanitas” as the baby was born.

Although giving birth is a source of stress for many, the serenata has helped his patients feel more relaxed, even in the middle of a C-section. Other doctors in the hospital say they enjoy their time in the delivery room even more when they are sharing it with Brenes. “He makes the mood much more relaxed. When we finally get the baby out, he starts singing and lowers tension in the room,” said fellow OBGYN Násser Alrashdan Bejarano.

The hospital said they haven’t received any complaints about Brenes’ peculiar serenatas yet. Instead, they said patients and visitors often smile when they hear Brenes sing in the hallways, suites, and surgery room.

Watch the heartwarming serenata below.

A las 9:27 p.m de este sábado nación el niño que podría ser el tico número 5 millones, emotivo momento para los padres del bebé y el personal del hospital San Vicente de Paúl

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