This GOP Guy Legally Changed His Name to “Cesar Chavez” To Run For Office in AZ

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

We legitimately thought this piece of news was a Jimmy Kimmel hoax because it’s so absurd it can’t be real life, but we’ve been waiting all day and so far no one has debunked the story.

A two-time GOP candidate (he lost both times) born into this world as “Scott Fistler,” has apparently changed his name and his party. He’s now a Democrat named Cesar Chavez, running for a seat in Arizona’s majority Latino 7th Congressional district.

So to recap, this is Scott Fistler:

This is Mexican-American labor rights icon Cesar Chavez:

And now they’re basically the same person. Because that’s how it works, obvi. That’s why Mitt Romney won the Latino vote when <a ” href=”” target=”_blank”>he decided to spray tan himself the color of a Werther’s Original before going on Univision. OH WAIT.

The best part of this story is the reason Fistler listed in his petition for a legal name change: MANY HARDSHIPS. Essentially, he told a state superior court that he needs to be named Cesar Chavez because of #whitepplproblems.

And because that wasn’t enough, Fistler appears to have Google imaged “People who love Chavez,” stolen all the images, and then tried to pass them off as his own supporters on his campaign website. This includes images of people rallying for Venezuela’s deceased president Hugo Chavez, which appear on Fistler’s super profesh campaign blogspot with captions like “Sign: Vote for Chavez 2014.”

At least Ruben Gallegos, the candidate who is leading in the polls for AZ’s 7th Congressional district, is taking this all in stride. Buzzfeed quotes him as joking: “I don’t think this is going to ultimately be successful and if it is I’m going to change my name to Selena.”