This Instagram Account Helps You Discover Street Musicians Around the Globe

Lead Photo: “Street Musician-Havana,” by Arthur Brown
“Street Musician-Havana,” by Arthur Brown
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Who: Street Music Map is a project started by Brazilian director and journalist, Daniel Bacchieri. Based in Sao Paolo, he was inspired by the performers he witnessed daily on the public transport and started posting his videos. He notes that his friends began sending him videos of performers from their travels, and the account was born. Of his motivation to grow the account, he says “The page aims to expand exchanges between musicians, fans and music lovers in general and also become a vehicle for communication on the worldwide panorama of street musicians,” So, hey, now you can possibly find that cute Spanish guitar player that played you a song last summer.

Why You Should Follow:  No matter where in the world you live, you will come across street musicians. Speaking from experience of living in NYC, almost every trip down into the subway or walk down Bedford Avenue provided the experience to discover street musicians, which make up the heart and soul of big cities. This account is an amazing opportunity to see performers from all corners in the world, who are bringing laughter and tears to strangers every day. Maybe I am feeling a little poetic, but performers doing it solely for spreading the joy and love of music is inspiring.

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