This Is the Tejana Brand Behind the Full-Hand Eyeshadow Swatches Taking Over Instagram

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Makeup swatches are all over the internet — from Kylie Jenner‘s lip kit swatches to Pat McGrath’s Mothership palette tutorials. Instagram’s obsessed with oddly satisfying makeup products that mesmerize even the non-beauty-obsessed onlookers. Now, a company’s viral pigments are taking swatching to a whole new level.

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Chaos Makeup is a Latina-owned business based out of Texas known for its highly pigmented products that range from rainbow highlighters to glitter lipsticks. But its multi-chrome pigments, which are now available for pre-order, have become a huge sensation for the brand, which is using full-hand swatches to show the mesmerizing color changes produced when light hits the product.

Each multi-chrome pigment comes in a 5-gram jar containing one gram of product, which, according to the brand’s website, needs a layer of primer, lotion, or other tacky base to stick to the skin. The pigments, which come in seven shades and are suitable as eyeshadows or highlighters, change color depending on the light and angle where you look at it from, meaning that your makeup can transform with each step you take.

Chaos Makeup was founded by Tejana Megan Martinez, who went from a homeless teenager to budding entrepreneur and makeup artist. Martinez told Remezcla that she named the company Chaos Makeup to reflect her turbulent past. She mastered the creation of pressed powers and highlighters while still working as a celebrity and editorial makeup artist. But after she taught one workshop on pressed powders, Martinez decided she could make her own line of beauty products. “I didn’t know what to expect, but thought I should at least try. I was roughly 25 [years old],” she said.

Martinez is no newbie at viral Instagram trends, as her kaleidoscope rainbow highlighter, which retails for $26, became an internet sensation in 2017. But its the multi-chrome pigment that is now encouraging Instagrammers to upload hypnotizing videos.

You can get your hands on the pigments for $18 each or get a bundle of seven for $125. But if you don’t believe the hype, scroll on to see entrancing full-hand swatches.