This Is the Worst April Fools’ Day Joke of 2016

Lead Photo: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
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April 1 is usually a terrible day, where you have to carefully examine every story you read. This year, Brokelyn pranked readers by taking advantage of their desire to see Hamilton, aka Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway show that is practically impossible to score tickets to. In an article titled “Alert! Hamilton’s cast is doing a free show at Prospect Park’s Broadway series this summer!” Brokelyn said the show would take place on August 27.

I mean, they got really specific. “The performers won’t be in full costume (it will be a hot summer night, after all, and those wigs are probably not ventilated), but it’s mostly the same show,” Tim Donnelly wrote.

And he added that people had to call 646-736-1779 the day of the show to score tickets. It’s actually more like two pranks in one, because not only is the Hamilton news fake, but if you dial the number, you’ll know that the voice on the other is connected to Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters.