This just in: Kat de Luna's career is OVER

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We just received the flyer and tour dates for Kat de Luna’s Gay Club Tour.  Really?!?! The girl’s not even legal, but she’s now joining the likes of veterans Cher and Gloria Trevi and hitting the Club Papi circuit. Sure, she may have a single with Li’l Wayne (and Busta Rhymes, and Elephant Man, and Don Omar….), but the two-bit Dominican opera singer-cum-pop estar’s short-lived career seems to be over. Somehow we don’t think her collaborators will be joining her at the Club Papis around the country….

Enough talk…. the flyer below speaks for itself.  Ja!

Click here for some YouTube goodness in case you’re not up to speed on who she is… (Universal has made embedding not possible.. grr!), and of course, her MySpace Page.