This Spanish Man Skipped Work for 6 Years, No One Noticed

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Over the course of six years, Joaquín Garcia got paid nearly $250,000 for doing nothing. The Spanish man was assigned by Cadiz’s city council to oversee construction of a wastewater treatment plant, but when he showed up to work he reportedly felt bullied and didn’t really find anything to do. So he just stopped going to work. And no one noticed for SIX YEARS, so he was able to continue collecting his ~$41,000/year salary.

We’re not entirely convinced this man isn’t George Costanza.

García did not let anyone know he felt bullied, because he didn’t want to be fired, according to The Washington Post.  While people assumed he was just sent back to city hall, from 2004 to 2010, he spent his time reading philosophers like Baruch Spinoza.

Things were going swimmingly for him until 2010, when an official tried to track him down to give him an award for his 20 years of service. The official realized that no one had any idea who García was, though García denies he was a complete no-show for six years.

García is being fined $30,300 – the maximum penalty – but he is contesting it.