This San Antonio Man Spent $6 Million on His Daughter’s Quinceañera

Lead Photo: Maya Henry and her father
Maya Henry and her father
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Quinceañeras are known as a time when families go all out – often spending wedding-like budgets on extravagant parties. But Thomas J. Henry, the owner of “one of the biggest plaintiff’s firms in Texas,” just took it to another level.

The San Antonio man made headlines last week after reports emerged that he spent $6 million dollars on his daughter Maya’s quinceañera. SIX. MILLION. DOLLARS. Somewhere, the producers of Quiero Mis Quinces are weeping.

According to Next Shark, the lavish event was held “at a 55,000-square-foot venue that was decorated with 30-foot-tall blossoming cherry trees, walls of roses, fountains, fake peacocks, a garden room, and a ballroom filled with butterflies hanging from the ceiling.”

Maya Henry poses in her $20,000 quince gown
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Pitbull was hired to perform, because of course. He was also joined by Nick Jonas, who sang while the quinceañera showed off the two pink gowns she had custom made for the evening (valued at $20k each.)

And then there’s the fact that the entire Henry family rolled up to the event in nine Rolls Royces, according to an Instagram post from someone who claims to have worked the party:

The Henrys have since been on the receiving end of some hateration for the excessive extravagance of the evening, but Thomas Henry says he and his wife, Azteca, “wanted to give [Maya] an unforgettable night to mark her transition into young adulthood.”

He added, “People have said, ‘How could you spend this much money on an event?’ but you have to take certain comments with a grain of salt. As a professional, I have fed thousands and thousands and thousands of people, I have provided free education to people, health care.”